Mealworm Bites - Apple&Cinnamon (Pack of 6)

Mealworm Bites - Apple&Cinnamon (Pack of 6)

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The Mealworm Bite - Apple and Cinnamon is a protein bar with insects (Tenebrio molitor), mixing the sweet of dates and honey with a fantastic touch of apple and cinnamon.

This pack of 6 bars it is an extraordinary snack between meals, derived from its light flavor! Furthermore, it is a great way to restore our energies.

Are you a cinnamon lover? So this is definitely an excellent option for you!

Contains: 6 bars


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The Mealworm Bites - Apple and Cinnamon it is easy to win your heart by its fantastic flavor and aroma, these are RAW protein bars, combining the sweet of the dates with a mixture of almond, apple and cinnamon, they are made with natural ingredients and of course their protein source comes from the incorporation of the stars of our product the insects!

The insects we use, called Mealworms, are known to be an extraordinary source of protein, containing all essential amino acids, they are also an excellent source of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 and many other vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12 and Iron.

They are thus a magnificent natural source of nutrients without the addition of hormones or antibiotics.

These Mealworm Bites - Apple and Cinnamon are excellent protein bars for those looking for a tasty and fresh snack that will make you feel satisfied for HOURS!

Know our Ingredients:

Dates, Almonds, Almond butter,Oats (gluten), Caramel (Sugar and Water), Mealworm powder (crustaceans)*, Honey,Dried Apple (5%), Apple puree (3,8%), Quinoa, Cinnamon (2,5%), Sesame seeds, Sea Salt.

* Possible allergic reaction similar to seafood.


Nutritional Statement per 100 g:

Energy 1708 kJ/408 kcal

Lipids 23 g of which saturated 2,9 g

Carbohydrates 63 g of which sugars 40 g

Fiber 9,3 g

Protein 15 g

Salt 0,06 g


Net Weight Pack: 210 g

Unit Net Weight: 35 g

Expiration date: 12 months


7,1 g



1 review for Mealworm Bites – Maça e Canela (Pack 6)

  1. Pedro Sousa

    Barra proteica com um sabor a maça e canela delicioso e muito saciante. Gosto bastante de todas as barras mas Maçã e Canela, para mim, é a cereja no topo do tenébrio!

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