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Today we live a time where it is increasing the necessity to make more sustainable choices, always bearing in our mind that every decision we make can influence the future.

Usually, our food choices do not follow this line of thought, as we are often unaware of the environmental impact associated with the production of what we eat.

When it comes to sustainability, one of the first concepts addressed due to its negative influence is the greenhouse effect caused by the release of gases that absorb part of the infrared radition emitted by the earth’s surface. The need to reduce the production of these same gases has been clear for many years.

Methane gas is much more effective at retaining this radiation, its impact being 20 times greater than the Carbon Dioxide!

Also, one of the largest producers of Methane (CH4) is precisely – livestock, which is responsible for the emission of 16%. To be able to give an even more real notion about the impact of livestock production, we can mention that to produce 1 kg of beef, approximately 114g of methane gas is released to the atmosphere.

So, in order to be able to place on the market a protein source with less environmental impact that could be a solution for the future, when in 2030 the world population reaches 8.5 bilion people and in 2050 it reaches 9.7 billion, Portugal Bugs is creating insects, since the production of this gas from many insects is almost null, to be incorporated into various food products, such as protein bars, pasta and bread.

Since in Portugal and in western countries the consumption of insects is very intriguing for the most of the people, we are focused in the development of products with the incorporation of insect powder where the remaining ingredients are already part of portuguese culture, thus sekking to achieve please consumers and reach the best of both worlds – protein consumption and living in a more sustainable planet.

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