The use of insects as a source of food is called entomophagy, from the Greek éntomon which means “insects to eat”.

Human beings have consumed insects since their primordial times, where they needed to hunt and find edible plants, insects being part of this ritual because they provided the nutrients necessary for their survival.


The practice of entomophagy remains until today, where nearly 2 billion people, spread across the planet, consume insects daily.

Why should we eat insects?

The real question is, why shouldn't we consume insects?

With each passing day we feel the true effects of Global Warming and if until a few years ago we thought that the defenders of the planet were only extremist hippies, nowadays it is up to each one of us to look at ourselves and look for ways to become more sustainable and have a lower impact on our planet.

Increasingly, our pace of life pushes us towards the ignorance of what agriculture is, as well as what the costs are, both in environmental terms but also in human resources and time, in order to create the protein sources we currently consume.

Mas já se consomem insetos no mundo?
But are insects already consumed in the world?

Insect consumption is a common daily practice for more than 2 billion people, spread across the planet. What are we waiting for?

Combater as alterações climáticas
Fighting the climate change

If we opt for more frequent consumption of insects, we will be contributing to a more sustainable planet because its ecological footprint is very small.

Super Proteína
Super Protein

Insects have a very high protein value and still count with the presence of practically all essential amino acids and a huge variety of micronutrients!

Production of greenhouse gases per kg of mass gained

The Global Warming it is something that is increased due to the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) into our atmosphere, and as we can see, livestock production is one of the biggest sources of emissions of these same gases!

Insects represent an alternative to conventional creation of protein sources, managing to create the same edible mass with an emission of GHG 98% more reduced!

Edible Mass

If we think that we will have to feed 9.7 billion people in 2050, wouldn't it be an excellent idea to be able to feed on an animal protein source where its edible mass was greater than 40 or 50%?

The insects in this respect are extraordinary, because in the case of crickets and Tenebrio, their edible mass is between 80 to 100%!






Amount of food needed to produce 1kg of edible dough

At the moment more than 70% of our agriculture is used to feed animals!

These animals are not the best at transforming food into edible mass, but not all are like that, insects are extremely efficient transforming food into edible mass!

Nutritional value

Insects are an excellent food with unique nutritional characteristics, such as a high protein value, presence of omega 3 and omega 6 and other micronutrients.